The Power of Anticipation – Stop Planning, Start Doing

Planning and executing important plans is an important aspect of life. it wont always be spontaneous, and planning ensures that you will have a set and familiar way to execute your ideals, especially if you have a slew of backup plans at the ready.

However, many people have the problem of getting so caught up in planning/the plan, that when it comes to the point of execution, they find themselves burnt out.

You tell your friends you’ve found the sexiest most amazing woman, but by the time you’ve told all of your friends and family about her she’s already moved on to the new flavor of the week, and you’re embarrassed.

You believe you’re getting that coveted promotion at work and go the lengths of telling your entire family, the day comes and you watch your job go to someone else, someone less deserving, you come home to a surprise celebration for a job you didn’t get, you are embarrassed.

You’ve got the most killer business idea, but by the time people are done praising you for being the new Bill Gates, you’ve lost all direction for your idea and what you wanted to do, and go down in a fireball of promotion and anger at your plans never surfacing.

I get it, I suffer from the same tendency to get lost in the mass hysteria and excitement you feel from putting together a good plan. A new business idea, new relationship idea/goal, new financial or life plan, whatever it is I know how it can be to come up with the plan and then want to tell all your family and friends.

Whatever the case may be, this exact excitement may turn out to be the reason why your plans don’t end up working out in the first place. Let me explain.

The human psyche, when we come up with a foolproof plan that we will use to improve/change our lives, we get so caught up in wanting to notify all those who are close to us, that when it comes time for the execution and presentation, you’ve expended all your energy on the promotion.

To further explain, execution of a plan comes in three phases, Promotion, Production, and Presentation, and not always necessarily in that order.


This is the part that most people get stuck at when it comes to making plans.

They want to tell the world that they have the next big idea, that they’ve found the perfect girl, they’re about to get the most amazing job… and by the time everyone and their mom has heard, they have nothing left to contribute to the execution.

The promotion stage is tough, because although there are certain situations where it would be alright, in general it’s best to keep plans to yourself until execution. Telling others and the resulting excitement and happiness they feel for you can psychologically become a sort of pseudo-achievement in our brains, you get so wrapped up in the praise you get for being about to change, that you actually forget to do it.

Now, there are exceptions – for example, you may have noticed me promoting my upcoming podcast, but with this plan it has already reached and near finished the action stage – the topics and discussions are set, the only thing that has hindered me from taking action yet is the work schedule of my two co-hosts. It will be out sometime this month, I promise that.

Another exception is the promotion of my new book CONTROL, which is 99% finished, I’m in the process now of revising, promoting and drumming up interest in it before release.

This is a properly executed plan, I took the action of writing it, I’m in the process of promoting it and it is awaiting presentation to the world, which will occur very soon.

Promotion, ideally is the 2nd or last part of a plan, people should not know about it until you have taken some steps necessary to either start or have finished your task.

Once people become excited, this excitement can be so overwhelming that you put less time and effort into the product, due to your affirmations that it will be the best thing ever.

Humble yourself, because while Dominance and being confident is an attractive and desirable trait it will fail to warn you when you are close to failure, you become so hyped up with the illusions of grandeur and being looked at as a massive success that you fail to properly produce product.



This is the most important phase, and one that people visualize more so than putting action in to.

Visualization is important to recognize and achieve your goals, but you need to visualize a realistic and relatable goal, even if you have to start small.

Setting and achieving small goals that lead to larger ones can often make the larger goal both easier, and more satisfying with the achievements made along the way.

Goal setting is one of the keys to life, you should always be looking to improve yourself in as many ways as possible. A plan is a process towards a goal, and the goal should be something you can actually see yourself doing, not a distant hope that would require you to do things you normally wouldn’t/couldn’t for production.

This goes back to the importance of being yourself, being original,and not attempting to be a copy or clone of anyone else.

Setting goals that are realistic to YOU, that YOU can achieve and that YOU have the necessary tools to effect and achieve are more crucial and important that ill-conceived, near impossible goals.

Hard work and effort in your pursuits will lead you to the promised land, but only if said land it visible from the naked eye.

If you need a telescope to see the promised land you set up to inhabit, you will likely need a spaceship to get there – a feat that will likely prove more burden than beneficial. 

You must put work into execution of your goals, but you must not let the reaction both before and perceived reaction after presentation affect your views towards the task at hand.

You are completing important goals and plans in your life, and you must not be lead astray by Negativity, bad habits that lead you to suffer, or an enhanced sense of achievement, entitlement or accomplishment that comes with Narcissism.

Production is the most important stage of having goals/plans.

Actions speak louder than words, and if you’re spreading the word about plans you’ve put no action into achieving, you will be looked at as The Boy who Cried Wolf.

When you finally get around to execution, no one will believe you.



PresentationPlan and Present

Presentation is, in my opinion the second most important stage of goals and planning.

Once you have come up with a plan, once you have executed, you must present your goals in a way that sets you as the victor of a brutal spar, not the victim of time and circumstance that had an ending fall into his lap.

Focus on the positives, not the negatives.

Tell everyone you can, but make sure you get your message across to the right people.

If you’ve just set up your new business, telling everybody and their mom may help for their opinions of you, but you need to be telling the people who can promote your business to consumers, along with potential consumers.

If you have produced a product, tailor your presentation to the audience it is deemed to fit.

if it is a personal goal, presentation will be the difference between others being happy for you, and being jealous.

You can be humble and happy about it, or you can be cocky and egotistical and end up having others be envious of you and plot on your downfall.

It really depends on how you approach it, but whatever the case may be make sure that you approach the situation with humility, make sure that you have the ultimate control and power to make the situation favorable for you, to make your goals seem like they appeared suddenly out of nowhere and that your achievements are an essence of a hardworking character, that your successes come from your efforts, and not luck.

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