The Power of Anticipation

Anticipation, a very basic concept at its core, but complex in its facets.

To anticipate, is to “regard as probable; expect or predict,” so basically a prediction or an educated guess.

People anticipate things all the time, I anticipated you reading this article and now here you are.

You anticipate to get some value from this post, and by the end you will.

But what if I were to tell you that you can train your mental anticipation powers to the point where it feels like you’re psychic? I know that’s certainly how I felt, and it became a running gag around me & my friends where my anticipative powers would lead to me knowing or saying their thoughts before they even expressed it.

What if I were to tell you that by simply increasing your powers of anticipation, you can increase your quality of observation, of critical and trait/character analysis, it becomes a package deal!? You can take the concept of an “educated guess” and educate yourself so effectively, that your guesses are pretty much usually right?

Some of you might think I sound crazy, that I’m just saying anything to get you to believe me, if that’s the case – click the X button in the top right of your screen now. I have no time for close-minded people who think their way is the best way of going about anything, these people have no will or desire to learn and grow.

They pollute the earth with their ideologies and attitudes that are mostly skewed, and any difference of opinion results in a firestorm of attacks that usually prove your point.

But anyways, back to the topic.

Now, when I first started noticing the fact that I could both use and train this ability, honing and crafting it to the point where I could readily use it, I noticed some key points that made me realize this wasn’t something I can just type a post on and you all could automatically go out and start using it.

No, I realized there were various underlying factors contributing to both the success of using this effectively and daily, and on people/in situations, but when properly used it can be used as both a defensive awareness mechanism, and to keep people on their toes.

And let me say this now – this is not a way of being able to have “psychic abilities” to read minds or know what’s gonna happen before it does, just because I say it happens to me sometimes, I am speaking on situations where I have enough knowledge and knowhow to be able to accurately gauge the possible responses and efficiently select the best one/ones that will be used, and either keep or tailor my message or actions to effectively suit its purpose.

Now Let me explain.



This is an element of learning Deception Detection from Paul Ekman (and to a degree, Cal Lightman, Lie to Me is an amazing show and I wish it still ran) so that might help immensely with this, especially since it has a lot to do with being able to anticipate emotions and read them on people when they show.

This is easier to do with friends and family than regular people, but along with presence and locational knowledge, you can know how to always anticipate the possible reactions of what you say to the people you say it to, and suit your message to best avoid drama and miscommunication.

For example, with my circle of friends (male and female), I know which ones are more quick to anger than others, which are more predisposed to get upset and take things the wrong way, and I take all of this into regard along with the conversational tone and attitude to anticipate their response to what I’m about to say, to make sure nothing is said that starts any petty arguments or drama.


With people, I already know how a lot of people are fragile and will bark back at any (unintentional) attack to their character or ideology.

Basically, if you challenge what a person thinks, they’re so locked into the mindset of them being right, they will attack you rather than take it into consideration. Knowing this, I rarely try to go to far to help someone improve or inspire them.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

You have to watch, analyze and learn how the people you know act, and draw your conclusions about their next move or their current thought from their actions, their body language, and other qualities.



This one may be a little more difficult, but still possible to train and make effective to the point of it working sub/unconsciously. It is similar to knowing the “Law of the Land” in your area, you must know and analyze all of the different aspects and possibilities that come with being out in the territory.

You must understand how your city/state/neighborhood works and how the people act in it in order to properly gauge what will likely happen when you step out of the house.

You must know how the people in your area act, you likely have lived there so long you have a locational map burned into your head, use it wisely.

Plan the fastest ways to get from A-B so there’s nothing that can get in the way in between, know the best places to go to escape from danger in the case of it happening.

As a man you should know how to handle yourself in a fight, but 9.7 times out of 10 a robber won’t approach you with his bare hands, in fact I can’t think of an instance of that ever happening unless it was an elderly woman.

Me personally, I live in one of the nicer parts of Philadelphia. Like, there’s only a few people in their early 20s/late teens that live in my neighborhood or anywhere near honestly. Most of the population in my area is elderly women and small children.

However, this doesn’t stop the trappers (weed dealers), stick up kids and the like from inhabiting the area at night. I don’t know who in the area they know as it’s always people I never see in the day, but as soon as it gets dark they’re hanging out at the neighborhood playground (which I have to walk through to get to any stores) looking suspect.

This was a problem before I went to college, but after I dropped out and came back home I noticed the problem went from bad to a hell of a lot worse. Watching out for myself being out at night led me to some anticipations that proved to be true.

Like for instance, this one kid I noticed had followed me down 3 streets (and I have made a habit of using the excuse of having to spit when I’m walking to look behind me, as people seem to feel some type of way when you keep turning around to watch your surroundings) but I turned down a side street and thought he was gone.

No luck, and within a few seconds the kid was sprinting around the corner, probably not knowing I was onto him. He destroyed his element of surprise by doing so and ended up just turning and running down another street, but it’s a good thing I had noticed, especially considering the rise of stick ups in my neighborhood recently.

It’s gotten me to the point where I carry a knife when I walk around now, I don’t even use my phone or listen to music because I’m not about to get caught lacking and not paying attention, and end up getting robbed, jumped or worse.




This correlates to the last point, but with a more current and present tone to it. The last point was just about knowing how your area is, how it works, who live there and whether it is risky or dangerous to be out at certain times or in certain places.

This point is about when you are actively and consciously out in the world, but this is for anywhere, not just the area you live in. You must always identify and analyze the facets and parts of the area you are in right now, to be present in the current moment.

You must be consciously thinking about and taking into regard the things you see. See a few suspicious people on the other side of the street, or at the end of yours? Watch carefully, there could be something going on.

Live in a dangerous area? Watch your surroundings carefully, if something looks like it’s off or not right, someone been walking behind you for too long, people just standing watching you, or anything of the sort, move.

When it’s night and I’m out, for instance, if I see someone walking and I can’t see their face my senses automatically get heightened. 5 times out of 6 (because it hasn’t been 10 yet) people have attempted to rob me in the last few years, it’s been something I predicted because I noticed the pattern.

They were acting suspicious, they had most of their body covered (even in the summer months, which was honestly pretty stupid), they were walking incredibly fast to the point of power walking, they made extra efforts to hide their face and made shift movements… like it was extremely obvious.

The ONE time I didn’t notice was crazy because I actually did sort of predict it happening, I just had my eyes on the wrong person for doing it, meanwhile the actual perpetrator somehow got behind me and before I knew it I heard the cocking of a hammer. This is the situation where I got caught paying too much attention to the wrong part of what surrounded me.

Luckily for me, another quality of being able to anticipate I have is knowing that this is a possibility, I never walk around with my wallet, my phone or anything more than $5 on me if it’s after a certain time. I know how it gets around here, I know there are a few people that’d rather be stick up kids than to get a job and read a book, and that’s their choice – but they never last long, and it’s not something I’d ever advise.

You must learn the world surrounding you, and learn and observe it in its natural and current state in order for you to properly make your judgements.



You must educate yourself about your friends, your family, your surrounding both total and current, yourself, the people you know and don’t know, emotions and body language, etc.

Like I’ve said before, Knowledge is Power, and education (not school) is key to building, growing and development.

Knowing is the first step to doing, Knowing is the first step of the important Mind-Body connection that will enable you to take the Actions that you need in life in order to achieve Mastery in your goals over your life.

Having this Mind-Body connection, affords you that possibility of taking the utmost Control over your life, to completely and truly own it.

Would you rather live your life being true to you, or kill yourself living a lie to appease people who in the end, really don’t care that much about you?

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