The Single Step

I’m sure we’ve all heard this phrase or have seen it hanging on our 3rd grade teacher’s door on some cheesy cliche motivational poster. It’s one of those types of phrases that sticks with you, you run it through your head a few times and it sticks into your consciousness. I’ve had several teachers who had this hanging up and loved it, and it took until now that I’m older to see what that phrase truly means.

Now, on the surface it may seem to be saying one thing and to most people it probably is, but the meaning can be left up to personal interpretation. To most people it seems like it’s always meant “You’ll never get started on your path until you start the journey,” but to me it seems to be a little bit deeper than that.

You see, the meaning of the single step to me goes deeper than most would think of it due to the way I think. When I hear this phrase what it really means is “You can visualize taking the single step and beginning your journey all you want, but until you turn that visualization into action you’ll still be stuck on square one”.

People can figure out what they want to do, they can plan it, map it out, configure every step of the journey down to a tee…. but until they put the pencil down and proceed to do the same with their foot, movement will never happen.

There are many things that can derail your focus from beginning or completing your journey. Procrastination, fear of failure, lack of motivation or ambition, or above all just being unfamiliar with the feeling of life going your way can all be factors that contribute to someone lacking the confidence to achieve their goals – however none of these factors can be overcome by simple hopes and well wishes.

Think of these obstacles like a wall blocking your path in a long hallway:

-Now you can try to turn around and go back through the path you came from, but there’s no guarantee there will be an outlet for you to overcome your obstacle and it will likely waste time you could have spent proceeding.
-You can try to look for a way around it, but you might end up wasting your time only to find your only option was to go through the wall in the first place.

At the end of the day the time you spend trying to weasel your way around your problems becomes time you wish you had back once you finally tackle them head on. I don’t mean this in the context of rage or violence, but most of life’s problems can not be overcome unless you approach them with a head-on and combative approach. Trying to sweet talk your way through life wont work when you run into people who put the merit of actions above the promises of words.

That first step in your mind may seem like crossing a chasm filled with krakens, cereberi and any other monster you can find – but if you never put your best foot forward you’ll forever be staring into the abyss wondering what could have been. When you stop visualizing and actually take that first step, you’ll feel 1000x better than when you were just wishing upon a star. Putting in the action to secure a better future feels better than any dream or thought of how that future will be, it’s better to live it than to want it.

Actions speak louder than words, and the moves you make and the results that come from them will always speak for you louder and more clear than you just explaining to people what your plans are. As I’ve explained before, this can serve a good chance of derailing your plans entirely.

With that first step begins a journey that will lead you down a path where you aren’t waiting for handouts or waiting for people to tell you where to go, no you know where you want to go and what you want to do and you make it happen. You don’t want around for the right moment or for it to fall in your lap, you go out and get it.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, you can think about and map out and do whatever other visualization techniques you have for your hopes and dreams and goals, but until you put your foot forward and put the work in to get it done, do the actions you need to do to proceed, it will forever be just a dream.

At the end of the day you can sit on your couch and see the places you should be, the things you should be buying, the money you should be making, the life you should be living-

-but until you get up to make that step and stop dreaming about it, you’ll forever be stuck on your couch watching your hopes and dreams passing you by.

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