The other Side of the Shiny Coin (aka the Compunding Weight of Failure)

whew, it’s been a while.

I honestly have had multiple posts planned over the year to do but i’ve never been able to get myself able to sit down & be able to go through the process of writing them, definitely, one of those “easier said than done” type situations…. but for some reason, having this mental debate with myself brought me here. I usually write these w/ the intent to communicate some type of lesson or message, but honestly this one doesn’t really have any intention. It’s just here.

I don’t know if it’s something I finally figured would be better understood outside of my head, but for some reason I had to express this somehow. Maybe I had too much shit clogging up my mental RAM, no idea – but if reading this can help someone identify and get closer to figuring out their own issues then it’s done its job.


Now, one thing I see talked about alot (even if the people discussing it don’t even realize) is Shiny Coin Syndrome. Nowadays there are thousands of new ways to make money and reach a comfortable point in life than there were when our parents and grandparents were growing up. The internet itself affords us a lot of those luxuries, honestly. Back then you use to have to go to school and be a doctor or lawyer, learn a laborous trade or skill, or go off & fight in war (& hope the govt will take care of you after, though thats another subject entirely) – there werent too many options like we have now when it came to runnin’ bands up.

That actually brings me to the point of this post. Nowadays honestly, failure is too easy, and what I mean by this is that there are a myriad of ways that you can get to a bag, too many actually – and people who don’t find themselves content with the employee lifestyle you’ll often find yourself exploring new avenues and roads towards wealth. The bad thing is that realistically speaking, you will likely fail in a good amount of these areas. No one can do everything, and depending on just how hard you are on yourself for your failures this kind of thing can have a detrimental, and long-lasting effect on your moods, your self-esteem, and just how you see yourself in general. A lot of humans are built for comparisons, and the one or two successes you find out of the 100 tries you attempt may not be enough to overwhelm all of the resounding failures.


The problem often arises when a person tries too much (often at the same time) and succeeds at very little. This can be daunting, as the more you try to introduce into your life and get good at, the more your failures will compound as you find more & more things you can’t achieve because you aren’t good enough, don’t know enough, aren’t interested enough, etc. This type of thing leads a person to start to doubt their own abilities, making it hard for them to persist and persevere in their endeavors due to that dark cloud of impending failure hanging around in the back of their mind.

It becomes a situation of “Do you try less in order to face less disappointment, or do you push it to the back of your mind and persevere?” The answer may seem like “Obviously the latter, what are you stupid?” but it’s actually not as easy as it seems – and if it is, you likely haven’t tried (& failed at) enough for this to even be a factor to you. The Champion-like thing may be to just shrug off the adversity and hardships as if they weren’t there, but the reality is that most people aren’t that robotic, and if you are then you likely didn’t care that much about what you were attempting to do in the first place.


At the end of the day, when you’re kee[ing your head down and staying focused, passionate about your successes and achievements, them seeming to be very little amongst a mountain of failure & “not being good enough” can help dig a deep hole for you that you won’t even know you’re stuck in until you finally look up. It’s not easy to, as Katt Williams said:
Keep tryin’ shit & tryin’ shit,
Don’t work.
Tryin’ shit & tryin’ shit,
Won’t work”.


Will have you lookin’ around like “Damn nigga all this work and I STILL feel like I’m at square one?”. Being stuck on a hamster wheel in life can be a lot more mentally exhausting than physically, and before long you’re completely fatigued wondering how long you gotta climb back up to see just a sliver of light. Shit can feel like you’re at the earth’s core and your grandkids’ grandkids will be having grandkids before you even get out of the layer you’re in – but at the end of the day, you never truly lose until you give up completely.


One thing I always keep in mind is that life aint easy for anybody the whole ride. Opportunity is just timing +action, Every setback is just another opportunity for you to bounce back stronger, & obstacles help you get stronger to knock down any other roadblocks that may be setting themselves up in the near future. Life may seem like some bullshit sometimes because when you have alot going on, chances are you aren’t gonna get all of it handled how you would want to & these failures can overlap your wins extremely easily…. but one thing I always keep in mind – when you’re at your lowest, there’s nowhere else you can go but up.

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