what wouldya doooo for a dollar bill *klondike commercial voice*

One of the most confusing things to me about society that social media has made disgustingly prevalent is just how strange peoples’ attitudes towards money is.

namely, the concept of abundance and scarcity.

have you ever seen those social media posts (that usually tend to go viral) questions if you would do some wild, flagrant, way out of pocket shit in exchange for some money?

and it’s always some shit that’s NOWHERE near life-changing too, like people saying for 500K they’d do some stupid shit like run in a bank w/ no mask or get gang banged or fight a manbearpig.


and I know, I know, before someone goes “well donis you must be A LOTTA FUN at parties” I realized a lot of these tend to just be jokes and people playing around, but i’m using the exaggerations to lead you to a point – your mindset about money and what you would do for it can be very telling about you as a person.

a person that can be easily swayed by the potential of a dollar coming their way is a very dangerous person. a person that you should be wary of, a person whose morals and loyalty can be swept under the rug for something they could have figured out a way to get themselves.

which leads me to the point of this entire blog, way earlier than i was trying to make it actually – the more ways you know how to get to a dollar, the less you have to do to get to one.

I’ve become the type of person where i’ve developed (and am still continuing to develop) skills that enable me to fend for myself and mines, knowledge that enables me to use said skills to pull myself up whenever i’m knocked down, a mindset that knows that I don’t have to compromise myself or my morals for a dollar…

and that’s some of the ultimate freedom in life.


you see, this isn’t an attack on the employee lifestyle or me looking down on people who work the regular 9-5, quite the opposite. I will never knock a person for reasonably working to earn money, where the disdain does come in is when people force themselves into positions where their livelihood is based on having to do things that they may not feel comfortable with in order to survive.

we live in a world nowadays where almost everyone has the time, ability, and access to information and knowledge that is needed to be more than “average” in life. once you focus enough of your development on becoming the type of person where you know you can squeeze a dollar out of dry land, you truly attain freedom in life.


in a world where currency is king, in a world where you don’t get anything without giving something in return you’ll always be one step ahead if you can’t be controlled by the looming potential of profit.

when you become the kind of person where you know that you can get to another bag if you have to sit and let one burn up right in front of you, you realize that not every bag needs to be obtained.

not every dollar is worth having.

not every deal is worth closing.


and when you can get to the point in your mind where you can comfortable let a dollar blow away in the breeze because you know you have more coming, you start to look at life in a completely different way.


so now you have two options:

you can develop some skills, gain some knowledge, and put the work in in order to build a live that you love and that you feel you deserve….


you can keep whining and complaining about how the world is unfair, life hates you, and you’ll never get ahead – and leave their descendants wondering why great-great-great-grandparent was such a sulking pussy.

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