Ambition and Attrition

This is a topic I’ve talked about recently, and have many times before, how much worse off this world is to the “powers that be” – whatever image that phrase conjured up in your head, yea that, them – would be if most people had the tenacity to preserve no matter what life throws at them.


You see, there are commonly two different types of people on earth:
I want, and I will get.

The first will be perpetually gridlocked in a state of yearning and longing, forever feeling resentment with life for the powers that be for putting them in a position that they hate (but yet….. don’t hate enough to put in the work to change).

A lot of this boils down to their mindset and their feeling that life is unfair or they deserve/are worth more or a multitude of other factors. It all comes down to what I constantly say, the mind is stronger than the body. The reality that you believe, the “truth” that you see about the world will be the biggest determinant in how you choose to tackle your issues (or if you even choose to tackle them at all).

For some, life is just a game of biding your time feeling like you’re putting in 200% work in order to receive 20% of the reward in return. It’s just doing the average, normal things needed to move your place in life up just a little bit more and receive a little bit more of a reward from it.

These people see the hamster wheel and let out a loud, resounding sigh as they take their place, forever spinning and tiring themselves out.


Then we come to the other group….. the I will get category.

These people recognize that the life we live will be rife with obstacles, setbacks, and freak accidents seemingly caused by divine forces of nature that are out of our control….. but these are a facets of damn near everyone’s life.

Trying to be that one bitch that brings up the people whose parents and ancestors DESIGNED their lives to be nothing but convenient and easy doesn’t make you cool or contrarian either, no one likes that kind of person.

Pretty much everyone on earth has struggles, hardships, all of us live a life that contains sadness, loss, despair, pain, agony… and yet, we keep going.

You see, many people assume that because humans have more intelligence than other animals, that because we’re able to speak languages and create content and produce things that improve the world, that humanity should be working towards and will one day be a utopia….. and that’s nothing more than a wish upon a star.


There is always more to gain from conflict, from discord, from chaos than there is from peace and serenity. There will always be more in it for those at the top to have a world constantly competing with itself, than one living in any semblance of harmony – and people are too fickle to even achieve anything near that in the first place.


So we’re left with society – a society that WANTS you to be weak, that NEEDS you to be frail and needy, one that is cold, uncaring, one where people will wish to hold hands and sing together in kumbaya, only to pull free and stab their neighbor in the back when they get a chance. Selfishness is an inherent trait of society and while it may not always hold a negative connotation, its use in the overall general condition of society only serves to pit humanity against one another.


The more there are at the bottom, the more those at the top benefit – and the ones in the middle are left still struggling to find a place in the midst of it all. The objective is to have you dazed and confused, trying to find a place to fit in, viewing yourself as another piece amongst the other 4999 jumbled shapes of the jigsaw puzzle. The regular person is supposed to be so beaten, broken down, so confused that they don’t know what to do or where to go in life and end up looking for someone to move them – not guide, MOVE – to where they desire to be in life.


That’s not how it works. No one is going to waste their time picking you up at square one, putting you on their back, and carrying your fat stupid ass to the finish line. That’s not how life works. If you can see a path then no amount of crying, whining, and complaining is going to get you down that path. It’s all on you whether you wanna get up & put that first foot forward on the path to success, or be the ancestor that your descendants wish would have stopped bitching and created prosperity that they can benefit from.


In this world today, your ambition will always be met with attrition – but are you a strong-willed warrior who’s eager in the face of challenges?

or a Bitch?

The choice is yours.

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