Peace: A Requirement of your Environment

Here we are. It’s been…. maybe 2 years since I’ve actually sat down and written a blog. There have been a lot of changes and differences in my mindset since the last time I was actively doing this, so things probably won’t come off the same as they did before.

One of the things that has been a heavy mission of mines, however, is finding peace in my environment. Peace is a very important, yet underrated facet of life that many have a hard time discovering.

You heard of finding a needle in a haystack? For some, finding peace is harder than finding a glob of oil in the ocean. It’s not something that’s considered or really too much of a concern, but all in all finding peace in life is how you get ahead.

You see, a mind at conflict, a mind at war is a mind that’s knocked off their balance. A mind off their square, is a mind disorganized. The disorganized mind is the easiest to handle when it comes to adversity and conflict. Have you ever noticed, in pretty much any war strategy that (the intelligent strategists anyway) focus on finding some plan to disorient the enemy before they attack?

An environment that is not at peace is an environment that is easily overthrown. The more conflict & chaos one has to filter through when coming to decisions, the more difficult it is for one to choose the decision that will lead them down the correct path.

Now, when I talk about your environment, I’m not referring to just your neighborhood or the location you live in. Your environment is a lot more tangible and non-tangible things that encompass, and surround you, then you’d expect.

Your mind? Environment.

Your mood? Environment.

Your thought processes? Environment.

Your relationships with those you know/are close to? Environment.

Your location? Environment.


You see what I’m getting at? Your environment is made up of a plethora of things, and these are all contributing factors to who you are as a person. Changes to certain parts of your environment can lead to a difference in how you see things as a whole, but all in all the main goal should be creating an environment that you feel comfortable with, that brings you peace & joy.


Now let’s talk about creating peace in your environment for a second.

Peace comes when you have created a life where:

  • You’re not reliant on one stream of income dictated by someone who can end it completely due to you doing the wrong thing on a day they have a bad mood.
  • You’re not reliant on those you know to get you through having to do the things you need to do.
  • You don’t have to keep people around in your life that you don’t want to.
  • You’re comfortable and secure in yourself because you know you do things because you want to, and not to secure favors or liking from others.

And et cetera. These obviously aren’t all or the only ways to create peace in your life, but these are some good ways to get started.

One of the main reasons I see people unable to reach peace in their environment is because of their allowance of those who do absolutely nothing to help them or progress them forward to stick around in their life. This is something that is developed in adolescence/teenage years and often takes a while to get past, the concept of having a plethora of friends that you can always call on to hang out, have fun, spend good times with…

This is all fun & games during middle/high school, hell maybe even college – but after a certain point of life where you have things like rent/mortgage, bills, expenses, etc, life isn’t all fun & games anymore.

The older you get, the easier it is for those around you to hold you back. It is extremely common for people to have friends that are akin to an anchor to them, but they will refuse to cut the chains and let the anchor loose because they’ve held onto it for so long. This is dangerous.

Peace comes from creating a life that you want to life, for you. Peace is one of the most important things in life, as a disoriented, disorganized mind will find it difficult to make even the most basic of decisions.

Peace comes from a mind that knows that many of your daily interactions will be fleeting, with people who will have no impact on your life in any way, shape, or form.

Peace comes from being comfortable with yourself, with not being codependent, and realizing that you don’t need a single soul in this world  – you were born alone, and you’ll die alone.

Peace comes from molding and crafting your environment in a way where it supports you, your goals, your plans, and what you want to do, instead of spending all your time working to fulfill someone else’s dreams for mediocre compensation.

Peace….. is something many struggles to even understand the concept of. But if you can find yourself, and you can find peace, you can find a life that you thought you would only be able to achieve in your wildest dreams.

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