The other Side of the Shiny Coin (aka the Compunding Weight of Failure)

whew, it’s been a while.

I honestly have had multiple posts planned over the year to do but i’ve never been able to get myself able to sit down & be able to go through the process of writing them, definitely, one of those “easier said than done” type situations….… Read the rest

what wouldya doooo for a dollar bill *klondike commercial voice*

One of the most confusing things to me about society that social media has made disgustingly prevalent is just how strange peoples’ attitudes towards money is.

namely, the concept of abundance and scarcity.

have you ever seen those social media posts (that usually tend to go viral) questions if you would do some wild, flagrant, way out of pocket shit in exchange for some money?… Read the rest

Mindset of an Elite: 5 Rings Edition

Kobe is one of my idols (idolization may seem like a weak trait, but if you idolize the mindset/way the person lives or rather idolize them for the mindset and not the person themselves, that makes all the difference), and being from the same hometown of Philadelphia as me and playing for my favorite team (I was a Lakers fan before I was a Kobe fan) I have long been an observer of his, both as a fan and a critic.… Read the rest